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5 Items To Have On Hand In Case Of A Dental Emergency

OUR TEETH DEAL with a lot when we’re out and about. Basketball games, pie-eating contests, rogue popcorn kernels… it’s a rough life. Usually our teeth are strong enough (or we’re lucky enough) to not suffer any major problems.

However, accidents happen. And fortune favors the prepared, so here are some tips for guarding yourself against dental emergencies.

You’re Less Likely To Suffer A Dental Emergency If You…

  • Wear a mouth guard during sports
  • Keep good, regular care of your teeth and gums
  • Keep your regularly scheduled appointments to check on teeth and dental work

Just In Case, Here Are Five Items To Have On Hand

Keep these items in a little dental emergency kit that you can keep on hand—at home, in you car, and while you travel.

Painkiller: An all-natural topical painkiller that many people find useful is clove oil. Remember, NEVER put aspirin right ON the tooth.
Orthodontic wax: It’s handy even if you don’t have braces. In case of a popped-off filling, you can use wax to cover the gap until you get it repaired.
Floss: This is handy if something uncomfortable gets wedged between teeth.
Gauze: In case of a knocked-out or loose tooth, you can put the tooth back in place, and bite on some gauze to keep it there until you get professional care.
Our contact info: Be ready to contact us. If you’re on vacation, we can give you professional advice and maybe refer you to someone nearby.

Are You Going On A Vacation This Summer?

Remember the tips above. If it’s time for your check-up, visit us before your trip. Nothing ruins a vacation day faster than dental trauma. Pack an emergency dental kit, and then keep it around when you get back from vacation. You never know when it will be handy!

Here Is One Other Person’s Ideas Too

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Let us know where you’re going on vacation below! We’d also LOVE to see your photos. You can share them on our Facebook page.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice. Stay safe, and have fun!


4 responses to "5 Items To Have On Hand In Case Of A Dental Emergency"

  • I never thought about how it would be smart to have a dental emergency kit with you when you go on a vacation. I like the idea of having orthodontic wax in it as well. It seems like that would be able to hold a knocked out tooth in place until you got to a dentist.

  • I never would have thought to use orthodontic wax. My brother broke one of his teeth last month and I bet we could have covered up the jagged edge with some of that wax so he didn’t get cut up by his tooth. Either way, it’s very important to have an emergency dentist in mind to help you get things fixed.

  • Braden Bills says:

    I want to make sure that I’m ready in case of a dental emergency. It makes sense that I would want to have painkillers! I’ll have to see if I can get some orthodontic wax, too. Thanks for the tips!

  • Max Jones says:

    I hadn’t ever thought about taking orthodontic wax in case of a dental emergency! I think that’s a super smart idea to pack a loose filling with wax until you can get in. I recently had a dental emergency, and I would love to be better prepared next time!

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