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From The Experts: Erin Answers Your Questions About Dental Insurance

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT DENTAL INSURANCE? Here’s some information that will help you get the most out of your plan.

How Dental Insurance Differs From Medical Insurance

Regular medical insurance is designed to help with major, expensive illnesses and provides minimal help with preventative care. Dental insurance usually works the opposite way. It typically covers a large percentage of preventive care (such as your regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings).

You get the most out of your dental insurance when you take preventive measures. It’s also what’s best for your smile, of course!

Erin Answers Some Commonly Asked Questions…

Insurance is a complex subject, so major props to Erin, who takes care of it here in our office. We invited her to answer some questions that we knew you’d find helpful.

Which insurance companies do you work with/which networks are you a preferred provider with?

We offer a complimentary insurance verification for patients. We take all PPO insurances.

What happens with patients who are out of network?

We have our insurance specialists that do our electronic billing.

For patients who are making decisions about signing up for dental insurance right now, what should they know?

There are many insurance plans: the best option is the one that fits the patient’s needs and finances. An example would be if you are a patient that requires only routine check-ups and cleaning, a limited plan would suit you. It truly depends on the patient’s dental needs.

Do you have any special programs/plans for non-insured patients?

We offer a Dental Savings Plan which is an alternative to purchasing insurance. Please visit our website to review all the benefits.

Let Us Know If You Have Other Questions

We’re here to help. If you’re considering an insurance policy, you can come to us with questions. And if you’re wondering how you can best put your existing insurance policy to work, talk to us!

Thanks for your trust in our practice!


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