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What “Wearing Braces Memories” Do YOU Have? Here Are Ours!

BRACES! OUR TEAM MEMBERS BELOW REMEMBER GETTING THEM. They remember the regular appointments. And, they remember getting them off!

As we collected their answers, there was one common thread running through every person’s experience… “It was worth it!”

We Asked Team Members…

  • “Do you recall a funny (or embarrassing) ‘wearing braces’ experience?”
  • “Was there a food you ‘missed most’ during your ortho treatment?”
  • “For you, what was the ‘hardest part’?”
  • “What was the first thing you ate when your braces came off?”

Here Are Their Answers:


“I had braces as an adult, so it was always embarrassing when people thought I was 16 years old. I hated getting food stuck in my braces. To avoid it, I cut everything up and avoided breads. I ended up losing 42 pounds because of it, so I guess it was a great diet plan. The first thing I ate when I got my braces off was pizza (without cutting it up).”


“I had braces put on my senior year of high school. Don’t remember much about them, but I didn’t use my retainers and now am in Invisalign aligners – yeah! The best thing about Invisalign is that I can take them off and eat whatever I want. My teeth are sore at times, similar to when I had braces, so I lost 5-10 lbs. the first month of wearing them, plus I just didn’t want to mess with removing them and brushing and putting them back on, so Invisalign can be a diet jump start too…”


“I used to get green elastics (my favorite color) and I constantly had people telling me ‘you have something stuck in your teeth.’ That was always embarrassing. During my treatment, I really missed biting into apples. The first food I ate after getting my braces off was an apple.”


“I remember that I tried to make a flirty smile (with my mouth closed), but the braces made my mouth puff out, so I kind of just looked like my mouth was full. I had clear brackets, so I couldn’t eat anything that was super pigmented, like mustard. My least favorite thing about braces was the look of them. The first thing I ate when I got them off was a snickers bar.”


“After braces, I threw my retainer away at least 3 times and had to dig it out of the trashcan. I had partial braces, so I wasn’t as restricted on foods. The worst part about braces was that I was embarrassed to have them. When the orthodontist told me he was going to put them on, I threw a fit and he ended up waiting until my next appointment to put them on.”


“One time I started laughing really hard and my upper lip ended up getting caught in my bracket. When I finally got it out, it wasn’t pretty. The food I missed the most was corn on the cob and homemade flour tortillas. The hardest part was how sore my mouth was when I got them tightened. The first thing I ate after getting my braces off was a big, juicy hamburger.”

Now, We Want To Hear From YOU! Our Patients!

In the comments section below, please answer one or more of the questions listed above.

If You’re Currently Wearing Braces…

  • “Is there a food you’re ‘missing most’ right this minute?”
  • “What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when your braces came off?”

Thanks for being a valued part or our practice. We love having you as our patient and friend.


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